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Co-Hosted by Dr. Morgan MacDermott and Dr. Leah Gordon


Two naturopathic doctors and mothers who get it.







Each week we teach you how to be the healthiest mother you can be - from fertility and preconception, to pregnancy and birth prep, through postpartum and throughout motherhood.

Empowering you with the natural health guidance and education you’re not getting elsewhere, so you can confidently navigate the broken system at large.



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# 01

Start Here, Meet the Docs

This episode is an introduction to Season 1 of the Healthy As A Mother Podcast. We tell the story of how we met and became college roommates, medical school study buddies, and now mom friend besties and co-hosts. We share our passions for women’s health, motherhood, and our own struggles behind why we do what we do.

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# 02

The Birth System Trap: Pitfalls of Modern Birth

In this episode, we discuss the unfortunate realities of the modern industrialized birth system, how it is not conducive to supporting the physiology of labor, and how this means real, tangible, poor outcomes for mothers and babies. We break down due dates, unnecessary interventions, inductions, cesareans, and the tenants of physiological labor that are generally unsupported in the most hospital systems today.

This is what happens when individualized care isn't the standard, and we break down several trap points for women to become aware of, and. We hope you learn a lot and come out feeling more empowered than ever.

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# 03

The Birth Control "Cure": Why Birth Control is NOT the Answer

In this juicy episode, we go over the origin of birth control and its history so you can understand this fully. Then we dive into what exactly birth control is doing to your body and why birth control periods are not REAL periods. We discuss why birth control is often prescribed and why it shouldn't be used as a catch-all for women’s hormonal imbalances. Learn what you can do to support your body on and off birth control to protect your hormones and preserve your fertility.

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# 04

Preconception: What It Is and Why it Matters

This episode is packed full of everything you need for the preconception or prior to pregnancy season. We talk about it all from the moment you decide to get off birth control all the way to the time you were actually trying to conceive. We share practical tips on setting your body up for success, using nutrition and sleep, removing toxins, practicing stress management, the healing power of nature. And we even talk about your partner's role.

You may want to grab a pen and paper for this one.

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Meet Your Co-Hosts

Two natural medicine experts, mamas, and best friends, passionate about changing the conversation around becoming, and being a mother. 

Dr. Morgan MacDermott, ND 

Dr. Morgan is a rising leader in women’s reproductive health committed to helping modern mothers transform their daily struggles into stepping stones toward a more supported, balanced, and confident state of being. In a broad sense, she believes that the health of the mother IS the health of the community, and it is imperative we treat her as such. 

As a licensed Naturopathic Doctor, and mother of three young children, she blends functional medical expertise, clinical skill, and first-hand experience to help women navigate wellness for themselves and their families.

She is the founder of Milk Medicine™, a comprehensive online community of educational resources guiding women through the many transitions of motherhood - from pregnancy, through birth, and throughout postpartum.

Her passions sparked out of her own motherhood journey struggling greatly with recurrent breastfeeding issues, postpartum anxiety, and burnout with her first child. She knows the importance of postpartum planning, education, and support and is determined to change the societal narrative around supporting mothers. She sees pregnancy, postpartum, and pediatrics in private practice in Eagle, Idaho. 

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Dr. Leah Gordon, ND


Dr. Leah is a hormone & fertility consultant, licensed Naturopathic Doctor, and functional medicine practitioner. She specializes in preconception & fertility, natural IVF support, root-cause hormone balancing, and integrative women’s reproductive health.

She is the founder of Womanhood Wellness™, an online health education platform, empowering women who want to become mothers now, or someday, with the natural fertility and hormone support they are not getting from their doctors.

She is the founding formulator for Needed™, one of the top women's health, fertility, and motherhood-focused supplement lines on the market, has been featured on HBOMax™, in Forbes™, and writes for Motherly™. 

Her passion behind Womanhood Wellness™ was sparked out of her own personal story struggling with birth control issues, low libido, painful periods, male-factor infertility, & navigating IVF as a naturally-minded doctor. She now has a beautiful baby girl after almost 6 years of experiencing infertility, and loves being a mother more than anything.


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