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# 14

Mastitis and Clogged Ducts: What TO Do and What NOT To Do


Mastitis care guidelines have changed for the better, and this episode teaches you more than just the basic methods of how to manage it. We also discuss how to prevent it, how to tell which type you have, what to do if it becomes recurrent, and then most importantly - what TO do and what NOT to do - and it might surprise you. This episode hits home for me due to my own long unfortunate history with recurrent mastitis, and I am over the moon to share what I’ve learned over the last several years so that no one has to feel as lost as I did. Let's go!

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# 13

Baby Brain Support in Pregnancy


You may have heard of autism before, but I bet you have never heard what our special guest doctor has to say about it. Today we interview Dr. Ari Calhoun, one of the top experts on Autism and other childhood brain development conditions. She helps us unpack this increasingly common diagnosis, and she shares some practical tips on how to support your child's brain development before pregnancy, in utero, and during early childhood in order to reduce the risks for Autism and other neurodevelopment disorders. You do not want to miss this one! 


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# 12

A Deep Dive into Lip & Tongue Ties

What in the world is a tongue lie, and how does it affect baby’s ability to breastfeed, eat solids, speak, keep their teeth clean, breathe well, and develop the structure of their face? This is a large topic, and a little touchy. The tongue tie world has exploded in the last several years - and for good reason. Families need resources to help figure out what is happening with their babies - but there’s a darker side of the industry that takes advantage of a growing problem, for profit. No one is surprised, but we are calling it out. Oral ties ARE a real issue, and in this episode we discuss the symptoms and solutions, as well as how the function of the tongue affects MANY other areas of health later on into adulthood. Whether you’re new to the idea of tongue and lip ties, or a seasoned vet, we’re sure you’ll learn a lot in this fiery episode.

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# 11

Postpartum Sex: What to Expect & How to Improve It

This is a juicy episode, so get ready. We are talking all about postpartum sex, how things can change after baby, what to expect, what to share with your partner about those changes, and what to do to support yourself in this season. On this podcast we like to talk about the real, the raw, and the un-talked about, and this is no exception. So here we go!

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# 10

Breastfeeding: What to Know BEFORE Your Baby Is Born

Breastfeeding is the next natural step after birthing a baby - but guess what, you AND your baby still have to learn how to do it. In this episode, we discuss several principles to successful breastfeeding, and how to prepare for the process during your pregnancy. Having a newborn comes with many steep learning curves, and this is certainly one of them - but having education and resources to back your inherent instincts and motivation to breastfeed your baby can make or break the experience. We have to remember that we used to get this info as little girls surrounded by community - but today, most new mothers have never even seen a baby latch. From tongue ties to letdowns, building your supply, positioning, and mastitis - let us help guide and pump you up for this special relationship, so there’s no surprises - let’s go!


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# 09

Body Image: From Womanhood to Motherhood with Dr. Cerra Kelly

We’re talking all things body image in pregnancy and postpartum this week, with special guest, Dr. Cerra Kelly naturopathic doctor and women’s reproductive health expert.  The body changes that come with building and raising children are largely un talked about and almost considered taboo. There’s immense pressure to “snap back” to your old body, one without any marks or signs of life. We’re here to destroy that notion, and deeply discuss the work that many women must go through to find body neutrality and self love after making babies. For those with history of disordered eating, these changes can be incredibly overwhelming, and Dr. Cerra guides us through how she talks with patients to emphasize the importance of eating more to become fertile, how the weight gain is protective of breastmilk supplies, and how she leads women through re-parenting exercises to heal the hurt inner child aspect of themselves where body awareness and image issues began to take hold in their lives.  The goal is to find radical self love for the amazing work our bodies are doing to build a family and bring forth life.

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# 08

The IVF Fix: When IVF is Needed and When It Isn't

I wouldn’t be a mom without IVF and I am so grateful for it. But is IVF always the right choice, or are so many women and couples being shuttled into this path unnecessarily? In this episode we talk about it all, from the broken fertility system, to the miraculous, and sometimes unnecessary act that is IVF. We discuss what you can do NOW to prevent needing IVF or what steps to take to assess your fertility whether you are just starting your fertility journey or are a seasoned infertility warrior.


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# 07

Postpartum Healing: No More Mothers Left in the Dust

This episode is all about how to properly take care of YOU during your postpartum period, commonly called the fourth trimester. Our culture places a lot of emphasis on the new baby, and rightly so, but we’re sadly missing a huge piece of this puzzle - the health, recovery, and well-being of the new mother. We discuss what practices cultures throughout history and around the world have done to care for their new mothers, and how to plan and prepare for your own well supported, well nourished, and restful postpartum. We get down to the nitty gritty details of how warmth, nature, and community help build you up so you enter motherhood feeling resilient and replenished, rather than burnt out and overwhelmed. Get ready to take some notes, let’s get going!

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Sperm Matter: Why We Should Care About Male Fertility

In this episode we unpack why sperm matter, the important role of male fertility, and how it’s drastically declining. We break down how sperm are made, what can impact them, and what practical steps you, or your partner can do to optimize sperm, improve fertility outcomes, and change the trajectory of your future children's health. This topic is very near and dear to my heart as you will soon find out. Grab a pen and paper or get ready to add some notes to your phone, and let’s get started!

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Biohacking Birth: What You Need To Know Before You Do It

Get ready because this is one of my favorite topics of all time. Consider this episode a mini crash course in birth, discussing things like what triggers labor to begin, and how it all starts, What exactly is happening inside your body and with your important labor hormones, and how we can use this understanding to “bio hack” your birth experience to support positive outcomes? We discuss the types of things that can cause birth to stall out, why contractions hurt and how to reduce that pain, and the INCREDIBLE things that happen inside your baby’s body when they take their first breath. Thank you for being here, now let’s dive in! 

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# 04

Preconception: What It Is and Why it Matters

This episode is packed full of everything you need for the preconception or prior to pregnancy season. We talk about it all from the moment you decide to get off birth control all the way to the time you were actually trying to conceive. We share practical tips on setting your body up for success, using nutrition and sleep, removing toxins, practicing stress management, the healing power of nature. And we even talk about your partner's role.

You may want to grab a pen and paper for this one.

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# 03

The Birth Control "Cure": Why Birth Control is NOT the Answer

In this juicy episode, we go over the origin of birth control and its history so you can understand this fully. Then we dive into what exactly birth control is doing to your body and why birth control periods are not REAL periods. We discuss why birth control is often prescribed and why it shouldn't be used as a catch-all for women’s hormonal imbalances. Learn what you can do to support your body on and off birth control to protect your hormones and preserve your fertility.

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# 02

The Birth System Trap: Pitfalls of Modern Birth

In this episode, we discuss the unfortunate realities of the modern industrialized birth system, how it is not conducive to supporting the physiology of labor, and how this means real, tangible, poor outcomes for mothers and babies. We break down due dates, unnecessary interventions, inductions, cesareans, and the tenants of physiological labor that are generally unsupported in the most hospital systems today.

This is what happens when individualized care isn't the standard, and we break down several trap points for women to become aware of, and. We hope you learn a lot and come out feeling more empowered than ever.

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# 01

Start Here, Meet the Docs

This episode is an introduction to Season 1 of the Healthy As A Mother Podcast. We tell the story of how we met and became college roommates, medical school study buddies, and now mom friend besties and co-hosts. We share our passions for women’s health, motherhood, and our own struggles behind why we do what we do.

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